We're a sustainable, ethical and co-owned business

We’ve been in business for over 50 years and we’re here to stay. Our people are passionate about all things construction and love making a difference to local communities we work in. As a co-owned business, our people have a stake in how the business is run, the decisions we make and how we re-invest in things that are important to us.

Constructing with a conscience

Our values

Our business sense, the hard work of our teams and our ability to respond to our customers’ needs is what makes us successful. 

To maintain a sustainable and healthy business we use our Sewell Compass. The four areas of the compass came from our people and were recognised as the key attributes of a successful business. The compass means we focus on each area equally keeping our business objectives in balance. 


Having a positive impact on our people and our stakeholders, championing a safe & healthy working environment, and providing meaningful work and career experiences for potential future talent. 


Working with our people, supply chain, and stakeholders to have a positive impact on the planet, supporting our vision of being an ethical business to work with.


Our work’s important to us, but so is giving back to the community. Our core values are at the heart of everything we do, and they make sure we focus on the things that matter. Being a force for good within our communities, we aim to leave a positive legacy wherever we go.


Having clear and SMART governance to support our growth ambitions and sustainable future.

Thinking globally. Acting locally.

Climate change is the biggest single challenge facing our planet, and here at I&G we believe we need to think globally, but act locally. 

As well as maintaining certification to ISO14001 standard, our people to actively manage our environmental impact through numerous ways that all have an impact on our journey to becoming more sustainable.

Regularly reviewing and reducing our energy consumption
Continually reviewing equipment and analysing data to manage and reduce, energy consumption.
Using sustainable materials and reducing landfill
Using sustainable materials and construction methods, and reducing waste sent to landfill through re-use, recycling and waste reduction.
Continually seeking out new ways to reduce our carbon impact
Looking at modern methods of construction and offsite manufacture where possible, to reduce our carbon impact.
Being efficient and using renewable energy usage on and off site
Using energy efficient site cabins and renewable energy sources at our head office.
Looking to the future with our fleet of vans
and cars
Working through a five-year plan to improve our vehicle fleet and fuel consumption.
Monitoring and reporting for a better future
Using sustainability and environmental monitoring and reporting software, SmartWaste to collate data and feed into our waste management plan.
Thinking outside the box

Need support with a project?

Got a project, and not sure how to make it more sustainable? We can advise you on making your project greener, including considering modern methods of construction, or refurbishing or retrofitting instead of new build.