Enhancing patient and staff wellbeing at Rotherham Hospital

2021 was an extremely busy year for I&G and in particular Q1 to Q3 when working on multiple schemes at the Rotherham General Hospital Trust across 6 areas, spanning three sites.

Assisting in the design and offering valuable contractor input, I&G mobilised the project with a blend of directly employed and subcontract staff to ensure the demanding programme and budgets were achieved offering an exceptional result on completion.

Emergency Department

This part of the project required a sensitive approach as this was very much front of house and at the heart of the main hospital activity during the pandemic. The work consisted of constructing a new entrance, treatment rooms and glazing upgrades to also include the external improvements and making good of areas

Ward B6

This was the largest of the schemes undertaken to a section of the hospital that was inaccessible, requiring a clear and considered access strategy to enable the contract works to come in through the external façade. The full refurbishment of the ward created several additional high dependency beds as well as dedicated areas for staff to don their PPE and enter critical care units safely. In addition, the external areas underwent a significant programme of improvement with window replacements and external repairs.

Discharge Lounge

Created from the existing library area to create a much-needed upgrade to the discharge of patients and their experience towards the end of care from other wards. The area was located on the ground floor and accessed through the main working corridor. Externally, a paved garden and outside seating area was created, and fully accessible for patients.

Wellbeing Garden & Woodland Walk

The Wellbeing Garden and Woodland Walk formed part of a community led project to offer NHS staff and visitors an outside area to sit and enjoy in between the pressures of the daily routine. The scheme was fully supported by I&G and the supply chain, and this resulted in generous donations in time and materials from all involved to create a well-deserved external escape.

Breathing Space

Consisted of the internal improvements and the purpose-built lift shaft in an extremely sensitive area of the building that cares for patient treatment for respiratory related illness. This was challenging because the works had to be dust free and completely sealed so as not to affect the patients. In addition, the internal pool hoist and associated structural works were run from the same site location.