Paragon Veterinary Referral Centre


The Linnaeus Group wanted to create a new multi-million pound veterinary referral centre in Wakefield, refurbishing and expanding a building which had stood empty since it was built a decade earlier.

The new base, known as Paragon Veterinary Referral Centre, was to become the largest in the North of England and be at the forefront of veterinary technology for small animals.

A space to suit the needs of the furry patients

A small extension was required at the front of the building to accommodate a new reception area and meeting room, and an enclosed dog-walking area was needed outside.

This was one of several medical schemes the team has completed, so it was able to draw on existing expertise and knowledge to complete this project.

A leaflet drop was carried out for local commercial businesses to inform them of the work and provide contact details if any issues arose during the scheme.

health and safety a key priority

Plans were put in place to segregate live working areas off and the I&G team provided staff with their own entrance to the building, with health and safety a key priority at all times.

Close contact was maintained with the client’s representative throughout the project, with visits and meetings held on-site two to three times per week.

A total of 42 subcontractors were used on-site for the scheme, with approximately 30 operatives on-site at any one time