Barnsley Hospital NHS Trust


The Barnsley Hospital NHS Trust knew they needed to invest in several improvements throughout the hospital to be able to accommodate growing patient numbers, as well as improve experience for the families of Barnsley.

The Trust had already built a strong relationship with I&G through previous works undertaken on hospital theatres during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. So they approached I&G knowing that they would create a plan that would pave the way for an improved hospital experience for children and families.


Phase 1: Children’s Emergency Department and Assessment Unit

Design and new build project. The foundations and erection of structural steel framework was completed first before knocking through to the existing building to connect the two together.

Phase 2: Emergency Department and Adult Majors

Extension and refurbishment to Emergency Department and Adult Majors base, creating a Majors two.


  • All areas of the hospital remained fully operational throughout the entirety of the project, but disruption was kept to a minimum
  • Designs had to constantly be revisited and adapted in line with covid regulations where necessary
  • The team had to remain flexible to deal with the knock-on effects of the national health crisis such as delays to materials, social distancing measures and a regular influx of patients
  • Work had to be undertaken out of working hours to deal with logistical challenges as a result of working adjacent to a busy Emergency Department as well as refurbishment works taking place in clinically operational areas too


Phase 1: Children’s Emergency Department and Assessment Unit

The new unit has created a high quality welcoming and child-friendly environment which will massively improve experience for Barnsley Hospital’s younger patients and their families.

The children now have a space with the main aim of making them feel at home and comfortable during what can be quite a traumatic time for some. The interior design has been meticulously thought out, with dedicated play areas and gigantic murals on the walls inside the assessment cubicles.

The major expansion of this unit means the patient capacity has been increased by xx and will greatly improve staff efficiency and impact they can have when it comes to treating every single individual who comes through the doors.