Beyond Building

At I&G we take our responsibility for the impact we have on our people, our community and the environment seriously.

Here are just a few of the factors we consider in our work:

At I&G we take our responsibility for the impact we have on our people, our community and the environment seriously.

Here are just a few of the factors we consider in our work:


I&G is committed to engaging with our communities in a variety of ways including:

  • Bringing first-class service, employment opportunities and investment to the communities in which we operate
  • Local sourcing of labour and employment of local contractors
  • Local sourcing of supplier
  • Exploring charitable giving which benefits our communities, as well as creative and innovative engagement with charity and community.
  • Encouraging our people to become involved with their communities at all levels of the organisations.
  • Being aware of the environmental impacts of our operations on local communities and taking our environmental responsibilities very seriously.
  • A commitment to on-going open communication with the communities in which we operate and valuing the community as a key stakeholder in our company.

Supply Chain

Due to our suppliers undertaking a key role in the delivery of our schemes, it is of paramount importance that they are committed to working to our high standards.

To ensure our supplier’s competency I&G operate a Supply Chain Management (SCM) system that covers the following criteria: Financial, Health & Safety, Environmental, Technical Experience, Insurance, Equal Opportunities and Professional Conduct.

In addition to this, we are now requesting that all suppliers are Constructionline Approved and CHAS Certified before we consider adding them to I&G’s supply chain.


Climate change is the biggest single challenge facing our planet and here at I&G, we believe that we must think globally but act locally to address it.

In addition to maintaining certification to ISO14001 standard, we encourage our people to actively manage our environmental impact through:

  • Effective management of our in-house building management system
  • Continuous reviews of our equipment and analysis of our data to ensure we are managing and wherever possible reducing energy consumption
  • Use of sustainable materials, including timber
  • Supporting our target of reducing waste sent to landfill through recycling and waste reduction
  • Supporting and encouraging our people to reduce carbon emissions from transport by encouraging our people to car share or hold meetings with web apps

Customer relations

The most critical activity of any business is its approach to dealing with customers.

Our philosophy at I&G is to put the customer at the centre of all activities to develop a partnership. In turn this improves our ability to understand our client’s business aims and deliver schemes in a sustainable manner.

It also allows us to work in line with regulated safe practices, introduce cost effective solutions and provide overall product satisfaction.


The customers that we work with and our team are at the centre of everything we do.

For our people, it is key that we make the continuous development of our culture a key consideration. This allows us to ensure that our people are deriving real satisfaction from their role and their contribution.

In turn, ensuring our people are happy means that they will look after our customers, delivering the very best service.

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