A new hospital ward during a pandemic


I&G have been working closely with Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, completing 20 projects for them in the last three years.

In 2021, Rotherham Hospital wanted to offer a dedicated ward to care for stroke patients, but the works had to be carried out within a busy live hospital environment, amidst general hospital footfall and with complicated site traffic management.

I&G secured the job through a competitive tendering process, picked based on best value for quality & price scoring matrix and based on a strong portfolio of experience to demonstrate an in depth understanding of the required works, including experience of working in complex, live hospital sites.

The solution
Working in a live hospital environment is always problematic, but I&G specialise in sites in complex surroundings. Communication was key to this successful project.
During the pre-construction period, we worked with the Trust to discuss the essential details, ensuring the build programme was feasible to allow the ward handover to be ready for the new year. Through our usual collaborative approach, the programme period was reduced from an initial 34 weeks to only 22 weeks.
We had weekly team meetings with the client and supply chain, plus monthly progress meetings on site.
Early supply chain engagement allowed I&G to offer design input at an early stage to allow the production of a global programme to enable the supply chain time to respond and to ensure full ward handover on time.
Working in close collaboration with the client, we planned and adapted works to adhere to all infection control measures under Covid-19 guidance.

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A corridor in the completed Keppel Ward
Works included:
Works and procedures included:
• General strip-out, undertaken in a single phase
• Refurbishment of bed bay areas and additional private rooms
• New nurse call base, with centralised point of control and access for day-to-day ward care
• Dedicated space for therapeutic treatment and physio
• New medical gas installation
• Robust dust control measures, with water suppression for any works producing dust
• Sticky mat catch points to catch dust at every access/egress point
• Waste removal – all waste from the demolition phase was primarily removed from site via covered bins for disposal in segregated skips. A designated skip area was marked on the traffic management plan
A shower room in the completed Keppel Ward


The new area was to provide a designated ward for the care of patients who have suffered from a stroke, and the works were carried out within a busy live hospital environment. Logistical access had to be managed through a pair of double doors for all material, plant and labour, with temporary hoardings and access-controlled doors.

The I&G team needed to ensure the construction area was fully segregated from the connected hospital environment, as well as being mindful of noise, dust, and delivery times when work began, to keep disruption to the hospital to a minimum.

An I&G sign

The results

Thanks to the collaborative approach with the client, project users and I&G team, the ward was handed over three days ahead of programme. The ward has been transformed and extended to respond to growing patient numbers, and the specialist equipment and fit-for-purpose facilities will cater for the specialist needs of stroke patients and will ensure the best possible outcome in each patient’s journey to recovery.

Bed bays in the completed Keppel Ward

“The pandemic was a difficult time for the NHS, but having I&G on board meant we knew we were in safe hands. Our clinical staff could get on with their vital day jobs, knowing that the I&G team wouldn’t disrupt the running of the hospital. The end result is brilliant, and will make a real difference to stroke patients in Rotherham. Working with I&G felt like a real partnership, and we’re looking forward to completing more projects together in future.”

Simon Loukes, Estates Project Officer